Why mobile apps are required for every business in Qatar?

June 14, 2019

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Mobile applications or apps are, at present, the key elements for a successful business. This trend has started since there has been a major change in the lifestyle of people all over the world, with Qatar being no exception. Retail stores were soon replaced by mobile apps and technology has become an essential and inevitable part of our everyday lives, including business. Convenience is one of the primary reasons, why mobile apps gained popularity and overtook the retail business. Mobile apps serve the same purpose as web applications, along with making the lives of people easier all over the world. With mobile apps, customers are able to complete banking requirements, place their online orders easily, book cabs, order food or groceries and a large variety of work, hassle-free. They allow customers to be mobile and complete their shopping and banking requirements even on the go. The customers can simply install the app in their mobiles and use it anytime and anywhere.


 Importance of mobile app for every business

1. Available to the customers 24*7

The buying behavior of customers varies demographically as well as geographically. Hence, businesses need to be available to the customers is 24*7. Customers can use mobile apps to place their online orders, anytime and anywhere. This helps the businesses to get customers, even out of business hours. Customers can place their online orders even at odd hours to be processed and delivered at the immediately available business hours.


 2. Anytime, anywhere solution

 A smartphone is handy and hence mobile apps offer anytime and anywhere solution for the customers. This helps them to make their online purchases or bookings, banking or food orders according to their convenience, irrespective of the opening or closing business hours. Customers can make transactions and place orders even while traveling, without the need of using a bulky laptop.


3. Build brand recognition

Mobile apps play a vital role in increasing brand awareness and recognition of any business. Using mobile apps, customers do not have to login every single time, they wish to place an order or make transactions. Instead, the mobile apps remain logged in, unless explicitly logged out by the user. Using apps also helps in brand recognition, since these apps can be easily downloaded free of cost and used whenever needed. People also get familiar with the app logos, with their friends and family using the apps, thus increasing brand awareness.


4. Ensure customer engagement 

Customer engagement has a significant role in increasing business. Mobile apps help in enhancing customer engagement and thus help in customer retention. These apps also offer easy social media sharing and various other customer engaging features, thus attracting customers more than web apps.


 5. Standout in the crowd

 With mobile apps help your business to stand out in the crowd among the competitors. Businesses without an effective mobile app are considered outdated and customers get to deflect away from such companies, which do not offer mobile apps. This will help the business to gain prominence and be reachable to the customers even better.


6. Gain customer loyalty

The mobile apps provide flexible payment options, along with customer loyalty points, that help them to gather the points and redeem them as discounts. This helps in gaining customer loyalty, as the customers tend to buy again and again in order to use the gathered loyalty points.  

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